Thank-you “you’ve done it again” Found us another mule that fits our requirements. Safe, dependable, durable and a pleasure to be around. As you know my husband and I had been looking for some time for another mule and when May came along you and your trainer thought of us and even brought her to me.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, HONEST mule person, you’ve come to the right place. I met Elizabeth about 6 years ago when I purchased my first mule from her. She has willingly shared her knowledge about mules, tack, feed and so much more. We’ve met some great friends and have ridden some awesome places from New Mexico to South Dakota. Thanks again for matching us up with not only safe mules but other “Long Ear Lovers” that enjoy our passion.

Happy Trails, The Cole’s

Talked to many, she’s the one!

We found Elizabeth Moody thru Ag Direct. Com.

Green at riding and owning Mules, we asked our mule trainer, who actually is a leading and winning Mule Show man from Smithville, TX to please accompany us on the ride to help advice us on our first mule buy. We got the OK from our mule trainer on a particular mule my husband and I fell in love with. We took Sarah (our new mule) home and its been a love story ever since. My 13-year-old daughter stole her away from me and she (Sarah the mule) is loved by our entire family.

We got more than just a mule; Elizabeth has become a very good friend and has helped my family out with our mule’s questions ranging from mule behavior to mule tact. She makes us feel very comfortable asking her for mule help. I have a special order mule that I am looking for and Elizabeth will call me up to see if I want to come down and ride one that she thinks may be what I am looking for.

She matched us up with a great mule that is part of our family and even introduced us to some mule riding folks in our area. We would definitely recommend her for being extremely ethical and honest. She buys and sells mules, and makes absolutely no excuses about it. Beware of folks who keep advertising that they are not mule traders, they are! Elizabeth Moody knows mules and her advice should be taken seriously.

Dolores and Jim Haisler
Elgin, Texas

My husband Jerry and I have purchased 2 Missouri Fox Trotters from Elizabeth Moody and we are more than pleased with all of our transactions with Elizabeth not to mention how well suited both mares were for us.

As both mares were for me I explained to Elizabeth that what I needed was a dependable, honest, sound, gentle mare who would take me trail riding with Jerry. I am in my early sixties and Jerry in his middle so neither of us need a horse that cannot be trusted. In both cases the mares I got from Elizabeth fit the bill and were far above any expectations I could ever imagine.

Thank you Elizabeth for all you have done to help me and know that I have no reservations in sending anyone to you for any kind of horse or equine of any breed.

Sharron and Jerry Cox
Boerne, Texas

I’ve bought several mules from Elizabeth over the past couple of years, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. She’s honest, knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. Having bought lots of horses and mules over the years I can definitely say Elizabeth is one of the best people I’ve dealt with. Tell her what you’re looking for, if she doesn’t have it she’ll find it for you, and it will be exactly what she says it is. Elizabeth knows mules. If you’re in the market for a good mule I would definitely recommend you give Elizabeth Moody a call.

Kelly Dow
Horizon Guide & Outfitters
Socorro, New Mexico

Dear Elizabeth,
I don’t know if you’ve talked to Ron Bradshaw or not, but I thought I would report that Boo is doing great at his new home. He and Buck have bonded and travel around their large roaming area like Mutt and Jeff, playing and carousing. Of course, Caroline is totally in love with him. Boo got a lot of attention while he was here at the Post Oak and had made friends with his stable mate in just a few hours.

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth and John:
I thought I would let you know how happy we are with Boo – my Christmas present from Santa… First he was a total surprise (thanks in no small way to Helen Miller). We had a houseful of our kids and 2 small grandchildren. Boo is so gentle, and allowed all of us, a 6 year old and an 8 year old to hug him – a lot. After about 3 days of what we call “a rodeo” with our older donkey, Buck, the 2 finally bonded and Boo follows Buck everywhere, and Buck is protective of him.

He’s adorable, and gentle and sweet and happy and growing!

Thank you from Ron and me.
Caroline Bradshaw

Hi Elizabeth,
I just can’t say enough good about Sugar. She’s everything you said she was except for two things. One she’s neat in her stall – all elimination in the corner if you please. And two she follows me around like a puppy. I let her out to graze in the front yard and hobbled her so she could go where she wanted to. I sat outside to keep an eye on her and what’d she do – hobble right on over to me, never mind the grass. She’s sooo sweet! Her feet are tough as nails – I’ll never have to trim or shoe ’em. But my very favorite part is her personality. Ever since I lost Gus I’ve been looking for another one like him but never expected to find one – well Sugar is as close to him as I could ever want to get.

I was so pleased with her performance on the trail ride too. She had a rough go of it and handled it like a trooper. I picked her up from your house, drove 4 hours to get home, unloaded her, put her in the barn and clipped off her mane and she spent her first night here. Next morning I loaded her again, drove 5 hours to Arkansas to ride, rode a couple of hours after getting there. All day the next day and most of the day after. Loaded her up late that afternoon and drove home 5 hours getting in around midnight. She had a lot to absorb in a very short time, new home and horses, travel, lots of riding and she never gave an ounce of trouble. I was impressed. Not to mention all the sights and sounds where we were – buffalo, lamas, goats, cows and chickens, hundreds of new horses and some donkeys (she sure looked for Abner) – new tack, new rider – a lot of new. I was so glad to have her. I felt totally safe and was able to enjoy my whole trip without a worry.

But the absolute best part of the whole trip was when one of the other riders we buddied up with asked if she was for sale. She wanted her for her husband and I said “Oh, no not for a million bucks would I sell her!” But I did give her your name, number and email addy so hopefully you’ll hear from them too. If I ever want or need another mule (or horse), you’ll be hearing from me!!


A mule gathers your scattered pieces
and gives them back to you in the right